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Our collection of robust and extra-large Fibro’O’Stone BRONCE planters are ideally suited to commercial applications where the landscape needs to meet the large scale domain. Their minimalist and understated design will complement a variety of architectural styles. Use the rectangular planter alone as a dramatic element in compact areas where the floor space is limited or group a row of them to provide a stunning border for privacy screen.


Type Rectangle Wide
Size Various
Color White
Dimension 6: H-10″ L-12″ W-10″
6A: H-10″ L-24″ W-10″
6B: H-10″ L_36″ W-10″
6C: H-10″ L-48″ W-10″
6D:H-12″ L-12″ W-12″
6E:H-12″ L-24″ W-12″
6F:H-12″ L-36″ W-12″
6G:H-12″ L-48″ W-12″
6H:H-20″ L-56″ W-14″
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6 : H‐10" L‐12" W‐10", 6A : H‐10" L‐24" W‐10", 6B : H‐10"L_36"W‐10", 6C : H‐10" L‐48" W‐10", 6D :H‐12" L‐12"W‐12", 6E :H‐12" L‐24"W‐12", 6F :H‐12" L‐36"W‐12", 6G :H‐12" L‐48"W‐12", 6H :H‐20"L‐56" W‐14"

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