Designed to accommodate the introduction of greenery where space is limited and where additional planting height is desired our collection of narrow tall Fibro’O’Stone AMPHOREA planter lend a modern edge to any urban landscape.


    Type Tall Square Top Small
    Size Various
    Color White
    Dimension 5: H-12″L-10″W-10″
    5A: H-24″L-10″W-10″
    5B: H-36″L-10″W-10″
    5C: H-48″L-10″W-10″5A: H-24″L-10″W-10″


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  • BELE

    The elegant material and shapes as with these sculptural table top BELE FIBRO’O’STONE planters make it easy to decorate tables and shelves with just a few key pieces. The ridged design gives textured flair to a room. This modern BELE planter elevate your prized succulents, ferns or herbs.

    Type Large Grooves
    Size Small
    Color White
    Dimension H-06″ x T-08″ x B-6.5″


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    Our collection of robust and extra-large Fibro’O’Stone BRONCE planters are ideally suited to commercial applications where the landscape needs to meet the large scale domain. Their minimalist and understated design will complement a variety of architectural styles. Use the rectangular planter alone as a dramatic element in compact areas where the floor space is limited or group a row of them to provide a stunning border for privacy screen.


    Type Rectangle Wide
    Size Various
    Color White
    Dimension 6: H-10″ L-12″ W-10″
    6A: H-10″ L-24″ W-10″
    6B: H-10″ L_36″ W-10″
    6C: H-10″ L-48″ W-10″
    6D:H-12″ L-12″ W-12″
    6E:H-12″ L-24″ W-12″
    6F:H-12″ L-36″ W-12″
    6G:H-12″ L-48″ W-12″
    6H:H-20″ L-56″ W-14″


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    The clean lines of Bruam Fibro-O- Stone planter give it a fresh modern appearance, which is a sure way to add some much needed energy and life to your place. A beautiful design that would incorporate any room or exterior.


    Type Rectangle Wide With 3 Strips
    Size Small
    Color White
    Dimension H-9″ L-24″ T-10″ B-8″



    THE BRUNCE FIBRO’O’STONE planter is an updated version of traditional planter designs making it an ideal choice for either corporate or residential settings. The shape is refreshingly modern, elegantly stylish and highly versatile made specifically to suit every nook and corner.


    Type 3D Tall
    Size Medium
    Color White
    Dimension 20 : H-14″ T-12″ B-09″



    This stunning Fibro’O’Stone COASY planter is equally durable ,undergoing a handmade construction process at the hands of highly skilled craftsman .Take it indoors or outdoors the planter stands up to the most extreme conditions.


    Type Rectangular Block
    Size Large
    Color White
    Dimension H-24″L-48″W-30″


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    Fibro’O’stone CROFT planter has inspired plantscaping professionals with its exquisite designs and convenient features. With its sleek lines, it adapts to a variety of commercial areas with ease. These planters are lightweight, shatterproof and weather resistant.


    Type Rectangle Wide With St
    Size Medium
    Color White
    Dimension H-12″ L-30″ W-18″


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    Creating a signature landscape design is entirely within your reach with our stunning Fibro’O’stone CROSUS planter. It offers an expensive, rich look at an affordable price.


    Type Rectangle Blok Center Hollow
    Size Medium
    Color White
    Dimension H-21″ L-30″ W-10″

    A beautiful way to display your botanical arrangements, the simple architectural profile of the Fibro’O’Stone CROTERA planter transforms depending upon your specification.


    Type Square Top
    Size Small
    Color White
    Dimension H-12″ L-12″ W-12″

    The distinctive Fibro’O’Stone DAKOTA planter features a raised geometric form that gives you a stunning view from any angle. These Dakota planters can be used anywhere to add modern flair while showcasing your lush greenery.


    Type 3D Round
    Size Small
    Color White
    Dimension H-12″ T-12″ B-12″



    Contemporary design combined with innovative materials ,our Fibro’O’Stone DANICA fiberglass planter pots are truly a marvel of modern design. These DANICA planters rely on architectural FRP for a product that is long lasting and durable without sacrificing stylish details.


    Type 3D Star
    Size Small
    Color White
    Dimension 22 : H-12″ T & B-9″ W-17″



    You’ve got to vibe with your plants, we water them ,nurture them sometimes we may even play music for them. We picture this little beauty DAPLE FIBRO’O’STONE planter on a window ledge soaking up the vitamin D.

    Type Squared Grooves
    Size Small
    Color White
    Dimension H-04″ x T-7.5″ x B-04″

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