Founded in the year 1991, Khandelwal Fibres is a forward looking manufacturing organization focused on building products and providing solutions that are needed by the consumers in the 21st century. We have been successful in maintaining the reputation of being one of the top manufacturing companies in the vicinity by consistently dedicating ourselves to affordable and outstanding quality products ,timely delivery ,in addition to immense customer satisfaction. Through these core principles, we have been able to acquire top notch designs, developmental strategies and ally ourselves with some of the leading experts in the industry.

The diverse products that we offer have been successful in providing us with an edge over our competitors and established us as one- stop shop for all roofing solutions. Here we have a close knit team working together behind the scenes only for you. We promise to provide you with everything you want, find solutions and most importantly to provide high satisfactory quality products.

One of our gems is extensive variety of Fibro’O’Stone planters for which our creative team is continuously creating innovative and stylish designs. . The fibro -O-Stone planters make it easy for consumers to grow and nurture plants even in the constrained spaces of their homes.

Each fibro stone planter is uniquely designed: recognisable by the high level of finish and natural allure. Fibro’O’Stone planter is a piece of art that may be simple in design but perfect to emphasize the beauty of plant it houses . Our splendid collection of Fibro’O’Stone planters offer an elegant accent to the inside or outside, while providing a dramatic twist to any décor. These planters provide a very innovative way to showcase the entrance.

Our Fibro’O’Stone planters have the capability to add life and elegance to a monotone landscape. We provide readymade planter options but they can also be customized as per your choice . With one of these high style Fibro’O’Stone planters your greenery would remain at its best no matter when you last remember to water it.

Welcome to FIBRO'O'STONE

Why should one choose FIBRO'O'STONE

  • Durability
  • No extra preservation required
  • Lighter in weight in comparison to concrete and stone
  • Easy to install, move around and maintain
  • Easy to fit in the exterior and the interior of the house
  • Colour and design customizable as per the preferences

Using FIBRO’O’STONE planters for your plantscaping layout is an exceptional way to beautify the ambience and décor of any outdoor and indoor landscape.

Our planters vary in sizes- from a large planter for you garden to a tiny one which fits on your desk top… We have it all.


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