This stunning Fibro’O’Stone COASY planter is equally durable ,undergoing a handmade construction process at the hands of highly skilled craftsman .Take it indoors or outdoors the planter stands up to the most extreme conditions.


    Type Rectangular Block
    Size Large
    Color White
    Dimension H-24″L-48″W-30″


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    Fibro’O’stone CROFT planter has inspired plantscaping professionals with its exquisite designs and convenient features. With its sleek lines, it adapts to a variety of commercial areas with ease. These planters are lightweight, shatterproof and weather resistant.


    Type Rectangle Wide With St
    Size Medium
    Color White
    Dimension H-12″ L-30″ W-18″


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    Creating a signature landscape design is entirely within your reach with our stunning Fibro’O’stone CROSUS planter. It offers an expensive, rich look at an affordable price.


    Type Rectangle Blok Center Hollow
    Size Medium
    Color White
    Dimension H-21″ L-30″ W-10″

    Sleek lines and finished silhouette define the Fibro-O-Stone NUVAAN planter making it a stunning design element on its own . Paired with various types of greenery it can liven up both small and large floor spaces in homes, restaurant, hotel and office buildings .


    Type Verticle Stacks
    Size Medium
    Color White
    Dimension H-21″ L-15″ W-15″

    With this distinct Fibro’O’Stone OASIS planter, you will be able to create a high- end look for all your plantscaping projects. Available in three sizes they are an exquisite way to enhance the ambience and décor of any outdoor and indoor landscape.


    Type Rounded Top Curved
    Size Various
    Color White
    Dimension 19: H-12″ DIA-18″
    19A: H-15″ DIA-25″
    19B: H-18″ DIA-30″


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    The Fibro’O’Stone OCCASO planter, with its fluted design, takes interior and exterior design projects beyond the ordinary . It is a perfect complement to elegant spaces in both contemporary or transitional designs


    Type Ball
    Size Medium
    Color White
    Dimension 16: H-21″ T-16″ B-12″
    16A: H-24″ T-18″ B-14″


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    Name a plant that wouldn’t take to the charming finish and raised geometric shape of beautifully designed by our creative experts, Fibro’O’Stone OLIEO planter.


    Type Star Top Verticle
    Size Medium
    Color White
    Dimension H-36″ T-24″ B-18″


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    The handcrafted process of these Fibro’O’Stone ORNATE planters makes them as durable as they are stylish. They withstand harsh weather conditions without fading and cracking. Ideally suited for outdoor landscapes that are exposed.


    Type Curved Chalice
    Size Medium
    Color White
    Dimension H-19″ T-19″ B-16″
  • OTIS

    Available to industry professionals at low wholesale prices, Fibro’O’Stone OTIS planters are a smart choice for those clients looking for a sophisticated elegance at an. economical price. Two sizes at hand can either be paired with each other or used alone, will always add to your décor


    Type Circular Slant
    Size Medium
    Color White
    Dimension 13: H-18″ T-18″ B-13″
    13A: H-24″ T-24″ B-18″


    From 5,500 Select options

    The curves of exterior shell on this natural glazed Fibro’O’Stone OXIMO planter is giving us major architectural vibes.


    Type Tall Rounded Grooves
    Size Small
    Color White
    Dimension H-24″ T-16″ B-10″

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